Outside the Ol' Comfort Zone...Again!

This past weekend, I embarked on a much-needed girls’ trip with several of my closest friends.  We planned on a low-key outing of shopping and dinner, but a few spins of a curling iron led to stepping up our makeup, and then suddenly my “mama bear” t-shirt and zip-up hoodie were looking out of place! 

45345751_10155607314517455_672633891923689472_o (1).jpg

My friends, of course, had me covered and embraced the opportunity to push me outside my comfort zone (seemingly following the theme of my life lately…).  Since I only had an overnight bag packed, they pulled together some various items to outfit me in boots, ankle-rolled jeans, and a black shirt and vest – a far cry from my typical look of daycare drop-offs and grocery store runs. 

We had a lot of laughs as I adjusted to this foreign wardrobe.  I wondered if my ankles would be cold (they were).  I wondered if the shirt was too tight (thank goodness it was black!).  And I wondered if I had the confidence to pull off the whole look (surprisingly, I did!).  By the end of the night, I wasn’t thinking about what I was wearing.  I was just enjoying time with some amazing women, thankful to have them in my life to give me a little push when I need it.

45400932_10155607314367455_2672424498061377536_n (1).jpg

When I reflected back on this experience, I realized my friends did for me what I want to do for small businesses.  I want to help them do things they haven’t had the capacity to consider.  I want to help them express themselves so they can convey who they are and what they do (not that my clothes conveyed what I do, but give me some creative leeway here…).  And I want to help them be their best, just like my friends do for me.