We specialize in any business’s brand voice. Here’s how that can look…

Proven Process Group

The staffing agency Proven Process Group leveraged Cognition to demonstrate their industry knowledge and value-added approach with the article, The Best Way to Prevent Bad Hiring Decisions. It not only educates people and promotes the company’s services, but it builds the brand’s credibility as a subject matter expert.

To pique the interest of readers, it was written with rhetorical questions, descriptive language, and real-life examples. It speaks with both authority and relatability in a voice that’s more business than personal.


The financial coaching firm, Life.Money.Balance focuses on helping clients gain control over their finances so they can live their best life.  Their brand voice is down-to-earth and personable yet professional, with straightforward messaging that makes financial planning less intimidating.

The blog post Credit Score 101 was ghostwritten by Cognition to translate a PowerPoint presentation into easy-to-digest readable content. It uses concise language and a conversational tone to show how the subject matter applies to the reader.

Startup Milwaukee


Cognition has partnered with Startup Milwaukee for a series called 5 Questions that’s published in both their weekly newsletter and blog. It features interviews with local leaders to share their wisdom, highlight their businesses, and advance Milwaukee’s startup ecosystem.

This inaugural edition of 5 Questions tells the story of featured business owner, Reid Holzworth and his company, TechCanary. It condenses a lengthy conversation into answers that are both concise and representative of the brand’s fun-loving yet driven personality.